100% Organic – What it Means

With us, you can be certain that all our products are 100% organic. We achieve this by working closely with our longstanding and regional partners to ensure their compliance with organic associations such as: Bioland, Naturland, and Demeter. We do not deliver or sell goods that fail to meet at least the standards of the EU regulations for organic farming. There are of course exceptions. Salt, water and fish from natural waters, for instance, are products that are not being farmed but just harvested and can therefore not be organically certified, but are nonetheless natural products.

You can find more information about our organic guidelines below.

More info to the organic associations of our partners and the EU-organic symbol:

Bioland   Demeter   Naturland   EU-Bio

100% Organic – Tested and Certified

We are re-tested and newly certified every year by the organic standards agency DE – Öko – 006, to ensure that we adhere to the current rules and regulations.

So, when it comes to Organic you are on the safe side with us. Our current certificate can be seen here


  • Tillage- and Animal Products
  • Saltwater Fish, Seafood...
  • Meat Products
  • Water
  • Natural Cosmetics
  • Food Supplements

Produce from Organic Farming

Whether it is fruit, vegetables, beer, wine, eggs, meat, dairy or farmed fish: all plant, fish and meat products that are subject to the EU regulations on organic production, are 100% from organically controlled and certified farms. They are grown and processed organically.

Whilst we promote organic farming we also support farms in conversion that change from conventional to organic farming. The EU regulations on organic production determine how long the specific waiting times are for the different products from farms in conversion until they reach organic status. Products from farms in conversion that haven’t reached organic status yet are marked accordingly.


Saltwater Fish, Seafood, and Freshwater Fish

Certain types of fish are not available from farming, and in these cases we offer fish caught in natural waters. Their origin is always stated on the packaging so that our natural fish products can be traced. Mixed products from natural waters and farming are subject to the EU regulations on organic production. Our saltwater fish and seafood come from sustainable fishing which is certified twice: from experts like FishBase or Greenpeace who classify the type of fish, origin and fishing method as reasonable, and from an independent control-and-certification agency like ASMI (Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute), FOS (Friend Of Sea), IRF (Iceland Responsible Fisheries), KRAV Ekonomisk Förening, MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) and Naturland.

Our natural freshwater fish also come from stock that is not endangered. Our suppliers have to prove sustainable fishing methods and that the fish come from natural waters of the region.


Meat Products from Farmed and Wild Game

Meat products from farmed game and mixed products from farmed and wild game are subject to the EU regulations on organic production. The farming of organic game such as deer, however, is not explicitly regulated in the EU regulations and wild game is not covered in these regulations at all. Because of that we adhere to the guidelines of BNN to be able to offer you the best possible quality of game products:

Our farmed meat products are certified by one of the organic farming associations like Bioland, Demeter, Gää or Naturland.

The meat from wild game always comes directly from the hunter from the region.



Spring Water, Spa Water, and Natural Mineral Water

Spring water, spa water and natural mineral water are naturally organic. Original purity and natural mineral contents are guaranteed by law. The different brands of water stay unchanged in their essential ingredients and are being bottled at source.



Natural Cosmetics

We only sell tested and certified natural cosmetics. That means: every product meets at least one of the following standards ruled by private law: BDIH, Bioforum, Cosmebio, Demeter, Ecocert, EcoGarantie, ICADA, ICEA, Naturland, NCS, Österreichisches Lebensmittelbuch, Soil  Association, USDA, or NaTrue. NaTrue is the only label that distinguishes between three different levels of certification: natural cosmetics, natural cosmetics with a proportion of organic ingredients (at least 70% from organic farming or certified picked wild herbs) and organic cosmetics (at least 95% organic).



Food Supplements and Specialized Health Products

Food supplements and specialised health products in our range that only contain agriculturally produced ingredients, are in accordance with the EU regulations on organic production and are 100% organic. All our other food supplements and specialised health products comply with the BNN guidelines:

They don’t contain genetically modified ingredients.

They are free of chemical-synthetic preservatives, flavourings and sweeteners.

They only contain colourings and anti-oxidants that occur in nature.

Neither raw materials nor finished products were treated with ionising radiation.

They don’t contain trans-fats, paraffins and PEG (Polyethylene glycol).