The Amperhof Ecobox

We Live Organic!

Our Amperhof is situated right next to the river Amper. Our family has farmed there for three generations since 1934. Since 1980 mainly lettuce, courgettes, herbs and flowers have been produced on our farm, according to Bioland regulations. And of course we must include our small herd of Limousin suckler cows.

In 2007, when the Amperhof premises were bursting at the seams, we built a new hall in the industrial park Bergkirchen about 5km away. Amperhof Ökokiste is now located in a modern and spacious building at Neuriesstrasse 9. Finally we have enough space for all our plans. Naturally the farming still takes place at the original Amperhof farm, where we also celebrate our yearly “Hoffest”(farm festival) and run workshops.

Organic pioneers since 1980 – how it all started.

To deliver good food conveniently to peoples’ homes was the intention of Gisela Kinzelmann. After her brother Martin Huber had converted the farm to organic farming in 1980, Gisela Kinzelmann started at first to deliver to organic shops and food co-ops. Soon other organic gardeners she was friends with asked her to take their produce along, too. With a lot of energy and pioneering spirit she took the next step, and in1985 she introduced set boxes. The Ökokiste(Eco-Box) was born. The classics amongst the first eco-boxes were the regional box and the mother and child box. But soon the box assortment expanded and the food co-ops asked for exotic fruit like bananas and lemons and special requests outside the set boxes.

In 1985 Helmut Kinzelmann took over the farming at Amperhof.

Back then customer files were still held on hand-written record cards! Only in 1992, when already 500 boxes were delivered weekly to food co-ops, a computer system was introduced that allowed the delivery of boxes directly to the consumer’s home.

Today Amperhof Ökokiste delivers 3000 boxes every week with fresh fruit and vegetables, milk, cheese, bread and lots of other products for the pantry directly to the customers’ door. The delivery area is the West of Munich and reaches as far as the Fünf-Seen-Land. Amperhof Ökokiste now has around 50 employees. With this expression: “Fresh from the Field to the Kitchen,” we have kept to our old slogan and continue to deliver: "Good Food Conveniently to your Home", and naturally 100% organic.


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Knowledge of Herbs

 The knowledge of herbs and their healing properties is omnipresent at Amperhof. We would like to pass on that knowledge. Visit us on one of our theme days on herbs and other subjects. The dates can be found in our event calendar.


Every year, at the end of the summer, our Hoffest (farm festival) takes place at Amperhof farm.

Hoffest 2016