We acknowledge our responsibility towards mankind and nature.

What we stand for

contributing towards keeping the world in a state worth living: for all of us, our children, our animals and our plants. This is our highest priority. That is why we are not simply an organic trade business. We have also committed ourselves to the promotion of organic farming. We are both producer and trader, which is a special feature and corresponds to the idea of natural cycles, a principle of organic farming. We make a valuable contribution to healthy plants and soils, animal welfare and healthy working conditions. Organic farming considers man, animal, soil and plant as a synergetic whole. On organic farms, everything is in harmony. The natural cycles are preserved, which has a positive effect on the environment and the food chain. This creates the prerequisites for 100% organic. And that's what makes us strong.

What is dear to us

We see our products as a whole: not only is their quality important to us - we also place great importance to their sustainability. For this reason, we have been operating our farm as an organic farm since 1980, are members of the Bioland growers' association and comply with the guidelines of the association Ökokiste e.V.



Organic farming - Herbalism - Organic living  - Quality - sozial commitment - Suppliers are Partners - Ressource efficiency - wholeheartedly -  close to Nature - Regionality - Understanding throuh comprehending - Fairness and Transparency 

  • Quality
  • Regionality
  • Transparency
  • Ressource Management
  • Trust and Fairness
  • Social Responsibility
  • Our Social Engagement

Only the best quality - both in our product range and with our customer service

Pure, natural and fresh products are the foundation of our quality promise. That's why we deliver 100% organic, preferably from our region. Products that aren’t available in the region, we obtain from selected domestic and foreign suppliers who share our quality standards. Our standards are not only compliant with the EU organic label, but adhere to our own strict association guidelines. We give priority to products from organic grower’s associations, to products from the EU, and also follow the product range guidelines of the Federal Association for Natural Food Products (BNN), which requires many more eco-certifications.
In addition to high-quality products, we also offer you a comprehensive service. In our online shop you can order 7 days a week around the clock. In order to ensure that you receive only high quality goods, all products are packed by hand and carefully checked. Last but not least, our drivers deliver your order quickly and reliably.


Promoting regional producers to protect the environment

We promote regional organic farmers, and also farms in conversion, from conventional to organic farming. They all work sustainably and operate with and respect the natural cycles. They nurture our landscape, safeguard the local biodiversity and help keep the ecosystem in their area intact.
Through our principle of regionality, we keep delivery journeys short and minimize transport-induced environmental pollution. This is evident in our delivery service, which sets ecological standards: with an average distance per customer of only 1.2 km.

Open and honest on all levels

We advocate transparency, about us, our association, our partners, our products. On this website, we have summarized the essentials for you. You can find further information on the Internet pages of our partners, whether suppliers or organizations. And of course, you are welcome to contact us.
Or come and visit us and get your own first hand impressions - at our farm festival or at one of our seminars or guided farm tours. We welcome questions, suggestions and shared experiences

Careful handling of natural Ressources

What you see immediately with every purchase: We prefer reusable solutions and recyclable materials for packaging, and we are constantly developing in this area. If we have to deviate from reusable and recyclable packaging in individual cases, the packaging materials used are documented in detail.

What you don’t see: In addition to energy conservation concepts, we use renewable energies. We cover part of our energy needs through solar energy, partly through the company’s own solar energy plant. Several years ago, the lighting in the entire company building was converted to low energy LED lighting.


Trusting Partnerships and Fair Trade 

The "Eco-Box" system is based on trust and partnership: with our customers, our suppliers and also among each other. The members of the “Ökokiste (Eco-Box) Association” meet regularly, support each other and share their experiences. We have been working with our suppliers in part for some 30 years and we know them personally. The same applies to the many customers, who are always happy to buy from us.

We meet everyone from person to person. That is why fair trade is self-evident for us and starts right outside our door. We always take the individual situation of the organic producers into account. We could convince many other traders of our idea to ​​support regional organic farmers with the direct marketing of their products. Through long-term cooperation, we are strengthening the region and with fixed purchase quantities we ensure income security and fair prices for all: for you as customers and for our suppliers.


We are an equal opportunities employer: jobs and further education

We give many different people work,  less able bodied people included. We provide yearly training for our employees and we offer internships for students.

As a committed, family-friendly employer, we strengthen business and growth in the Munich area and promote the new generation of farmers. We convey the ecological idea, promote environmental awareness and pass our values on to others.




We are committed

To help instil bio- and ecological values early on is very important to us. We organize workshops for children and school trips to the Amperhof farm. We promote playschools and donate to the SOS Kinderdorf charity



At Christmas we donated 3000 € to SOS Kinderdorf.

We are also supporting an SOS Kinderdorf (Children's Village) in Dießen at lake Ammersee, which supports young unaccompanied refugees. Our customers can donate boxes, we take care of the delivery and in December 2015 we doubled the donated sum. Click here for the website.

Weihnachten haben wir an das SOS Kinderdorf 3000 € gespendet.



We support the exhibition Iss was?! (eat what?!) with fresh fruits and vegetables. The exhibition is designed to bring children closer to healthy eating. Cooking workshops take place and much more is on offer. Click here for the website.



The soybean experiment "1000 Gärten" (1000 Gardens) examines at which location in Germany which soybean grows particularly well. We are taking part!  To promote soybean cultivation in Germany. Click here for the website.


Happy Children e.V.


The association Happy Children e.V. helps children in Nepal, gives them a home and school education. The proceeds of the raffle on our last farm festival were donated to Happy Children e.V. Click here for the website.



We are printing sustainably at Ulenspiegel.



We buy sustainable, at Memo, of course.