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Our service enriches your every day life.

Our delivery service is not only flexible and convenient. Our long-standing experience and the close cooperation with business partners from the region provide you with that certainty: only the best organic quality goes into the box. We also see our box as an inspiration and experience. That's why we always deliver it with tasty cooking recipes included. That might help you to try out something new, preventing the appearance of boredom in the kitchen. Our customer service team is available for you daily, just a phone call away, for any questions you may have. We will advise you gladly or help you with your shopping. 

Any Further Questions?

If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will gladly help you with your questions: Contact

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What products can I order with my Eco-Box?

We work with selected German and foreign organic producers. This allows us to offer a wide range of food products in addition to fruit and vegetables: meat and sausages, bread, cereals and pasta, eggs and various dairy products, wine, juice, water and much more. You will also find nuts and tropical fruit, tea or coffee in our range. Visit our shop to view our product range. There you will also find special offers and weekly offers.

What are Standard Boxes?

Standard boxes are eco-boxes with a set content – to make your order easy and convenient. You can choose between just fruit, just veggie boxes and mixed fruit and veg boxes as well as special diet- and regional boxes. We also have raw food-, smoothie-, family-, singles-, and office boxes in our range. Even though the box contents are pre-set, the fruit and vegetables can change on a weekly basis. You can find the current weekly box contents of each standard box on our website or you can ask our customer service team. You find the current box contents here. You can also have items exchangde for others if there is anything in the box content that you don’t like or that doesn’t agree with you. 

What if there is no suitable standard box for me?

You don’t have to take a standard box. Why don’t you assemble your own individual box instead? In our online shop you can choose what you would like to order. Alternatively you can ring us and our competent customer service team will help you with your shopping.

How can I be sure that everything in the Eco-Box is genuinely organic?

Like all other Eco-Box companies, we are a certified organic trader and undergo yearly inspections. Our German and foreign suppliers are also certified organic producers. That’s how we can guarantee 100% organic. If you want to know more you can find out here

Where do the products of my Eco-Box come from?

We produce a part of the lettuce, courgettes, herbs and cut flowers ourselves. What we don’t produce ourselves we get from certified organic suppliers, mainly our longstanding partners from the local area. For produce that doesn’t grow in Germany all year round or not at all, we use selected foreign organic suppliers. If you would like to know more details please don’t hesitate to ask our customer service team.

In addition you can find further information on the pages of our suppliers – you can find the details here


How can I order the Eco-Box?

You can order the Eco-Box seven days a week, twenty four hours a day: per phone(includes answering machine), fax, e-mail or via our Online-Shop.

Can I choose my own box content?

Certainly. You can assemble your eco-box individually with every delivery - according to your needs. Even with our standard boxes you can make changes, like exchanging or leaving out foods that you don't like or that don't agree with you. 

Do I have to order the eco-box every week?

Not at all. You order when you like and as often as you like, whether regularly, irregularly or spontaneously. You can of course, arrange for a regular constant delivery, for example weekly or fortnightly. And if you decide that you would like a break or that you want to stop getting the eco-box altogether, just let us know. 

Can I try the Eco-Box without having to commit long-term?

Just to point out: with the eco-box system there are no strings attached. There are no minimum terms, cancellation notice periods and long-term order commitments with us. Despite that you can of course, before you decide which way to go, first start with ordering a trial box. Just let us know your contact details and we will get in touch to discuss everything else.

Can I change or cancel an order?

Certainly. Whether you want to have a break from your regular delivery or cancel the eco-böx altogether or change the box content: just notify us within the order deadlines (mostly one day before delivery) so that no unnecessary costs incur. If you notify us after the order deadlines, charges can incur, for example for an already assembled and packed box.

When do I get my Eco-Box delivered?

We deliver our eco-boxes weekdays, from Monday to Friday. Every day has fixed runs where we deliver to all customers in the same area. Did you know that your box only travels 1.2km on average to get to your house. That way we protect the environment. Just ask us when we deliverto your area. By the way: you can also have your eco-box delivered to your work place.

How often is the Eco-Box being delivered?

We bring you the eco-box as often as you like - according to your needs. Once or twice a week, fortnightly, in irregular intervals or quite spontaneously. You choose. .

Where can I have my Eco-Box delivered to?

You can have your eco-box delivered to your house, your workplace or to neighbours, friends and relatives.

Do I have to be at home for my delivery?

No, not at all. You can plan your day without having to wait at home. Just give us a location that is weather-and theft protected but accessible, where we can leave your eco-box. If you wish, we can give it to your neighbour or leave it at your house- or flat entrance door. We can also put the box into your house, flat or garage. You just need to provide us with a key, which we keep secure, anonymous and insured. You prefer to receive your eco-box in person? We are happy to deliver your eco-box to your workplace.

What happens with my Eco-Box during company holidays, bank holidays or school holidays?

We deliver almost the whole year around, also during the official school holidays. We will inform you in time about changes during holidays, bank holidays and about company holidays. If you are on holidays, you can suspend your delivery. Let us know in advance when you are gone. Just give us a call, send an e-mail or fax or leave a message on our answering machine.


How much does an Eco-Box cost?

You decide how much you want to spend. The price of your eco-box depends on the content and can vary from order to order. Apart from individually assembled boxes we also offer standard boxes in different price ranges, which are usually between 10.00 and 25.00 Euros depending on the type and amount of the organic produce in the box. There is a deposit of 10.00 Euros on our re-usable boxes for the first three boxes. The deposit is being refunded to you once you return the box. We deliver trial boxes in a deposit-free one way packaging. There are no delivery charges.


Do I have to commit to a long-term contract when I order the Eco-Box?

No, We don't do contracts. You choose when and how often you want to have the eco-box; just once, regularly or now and then. And you can cancel a regular eco-box delivery at any time. 

How do I cancel the Eco-Box?

We don't have a notice period, also not for regular customers. Just let us know if you want to cancel your eco-box. A phone call or e-mail will suffice. We will then try to combine picking up any deposit boxes with your last delivery which will come in disposable packaging. Failing this we will charge 3.00 Euros for an extra journey to collect any deposit boxes.