The Trial Box

Best convince yourself from the quality of our organic products and our convenient delivery service. We are happy to put a trial box together for you and deliver it directly to your door. The minimum order value for a free delivery is 25 €.

Just send us your contact details - we will contact you promptly to discuss the details.


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Choose from our Box Range:

Regional Box

Vegetables, lettuce, herbs and apples from the region. In the summer berries are added

Colourful-Mix Box

Vegetables, lettuce and fruit for quick meals

Fresh-from-the-Field Box

Vegetables, lettuce and herbs

Fruit Box

Stone fruit, berries, tropical fruit, bananas and exotic fruit - of course no goods that were transported by plane

Mother and Child Box

Vegetables, lettuce and fruit, except those fruit and veg that might cause bloating or wind

Raw-Food Box

Vegetables and lettuce varieties you can eat raw

Note on T&C and Data Protection

Our T&C apply for your order of a trial box and all further orders.

You find our T&C and Data Protection Guidelines here.


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